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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Stella's Bedding is Finally Finished!

We are so excited that Stella's bedding is now 100% finished! We just completed the last leg of this custom project - having the pillow sham made and the duvet monogrammed. Matt's going to pick up the pillow sham from our new favorite seamstress we found, Mrs. Nelly. She is the bomb.

A few days before Stella was born we realized the bedding that Mrs. Rosa was making at Kelly's Kids was not going to be finished on time because the sewing floor had to start on actual Kelly's Kids samples. We scrambled to find a seamstress who specialized in baby bedding and came upon fabulous, sweet Mrs. Nelly! She finished the bedding and created the pillow sham - we can't wait to see it! Today I picked up the duvet from our new monogram shop and am in love with it - it is so so so pretty!

Here are some pictures of Stella today, as it's her 4 week birthday!

We had fun on an unusually cool morning walk on the lake front today and ran some errands for the first time on our own! We just can't believe we've had Stella for 4 weeks already. The days and weeks have flown by! We are looking forward to seeing family and friends this weekend at the lake for the 4th - it will be our first trip ever! We are excited but nervous about the car ride:)

Stella's telling me its lunch time so I've got to go for now - enjoy the pictures!

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