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Friday, July 23, 2010

Back to Work!

It's officially the end of my first week back at work after 7 weeks of maternity leave! I must say, it went MUCH better than anticipated. This is due in part to the fact that little Stella is almost always in earshot, if not eye sight while I work:) Working from home is HARD without a baby - it is not as glamorous and relaxing as one would imagine. However, the highlight of working from home now is that my lunch break is filled with me getting to see Stella all I want:) While I wish this were a permanent fixture in our lives, it's only temporary:( We have a wonderful nanny who's keeping Stella here at the house for the next 8 weeks, at which time we'll put Stella in daycare. I wish we could keep our nanny forever, but it just isn't cost effective to keep working and pay a nanny - I may as well stay home with her, and for now I like my career. The main reason we're doing this is to let Stella get a bit older before we throw her to the wolves (aka put her in daycare with...duh duh DUH...the 'public', as my mother and grandmother so lovingly refer to it). At that point, she'll almost be 4 months old and I think she'll handle daycare just fine. The daycare we hope to get into is literally right around the corner. I could put her in the stroller and walk her to daycare, it's that close. Fingers crossed they have a spot for us when its time to register!

It's Friday night and I won't spend any more time blogging, but I did want to say that the first week back has been great. I know it may actually get worse, and I'm prepared for that, I am just thankful that we had a good first week to ease into our new life! Stella rocks!

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