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Sunday, October 10, 2010

We Met Our Goal for Light the Nigh Fundraiser for LLS!!!

Here we are at this past Friday's Light the Nigh Walk in NOLA - and guess what...we got a T-SHIRT for meeting our goal of raising $100 - we are "Champions for Cures"!! Thank you to everyone who donated - I walked in memory of Jennifer Steckler, a family friend who lost her battle with leukemia while Matt and I were on our honeymoon and in honor of my childhood bestie, Sophie, whom Stella is partially named after (she is Sophie Estelle and Stella is Estelle Anderson) who is a leukemia survivor.

Matt and I joined the team somewhat last minute. My sis Mary Catherine is team captain AND works for LLS (Leukemia & Lymphoma Society). The team is Life of Brian, made up of Mr. Brian O'Neil's wife and family, neighborhood friends of MC and David. Mr. Brian lost his battle to cancer in 08 and the team has been walking in his honor every year. We were so excited to join the team this year and look forward to walking at many more Light the Night events! Our team is so so close to reaching our team goal of $5000 - we are currently at $4475! I am still fundraising until I meet my 2nd goal - $200. You can help me reach my goal by just donating a few dollars here Even though the walk is over, we can still raise money!

We had such a great time last night - and may I mention that this was no physical/excercising fundraiser...this was a New Orleans type walk where everyone ate heavily and played around prior to the walk. We mosied, really:) But it was great fun. Everyone held balloons lit from the inside and walked around the lake at Lafreniere Park - at the end, they all released the balloons simultaneously...I say "they" because we didn't get to participate. Stella had other plans, which included freaking out, eating and sleeping, so we let our little balloons go on the walk to the car - it was still special to us!

Thanks for letting us join the team, guys! We'll definitely be back again next year!
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