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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sickly Stella at Almost 13 Months

Our little sweet Stella has been one sick little girl ever since we got back from a Father's Day/birthday trip to Hattiesburg. We finally discovered Stella has pink eye, which led to an ear infection (apparently besides being the world's most annoying illness, the pink eye bacteria can also travel to your ear and cause a painful infection. Awesome.). The ear infection has created nasal and chest congestion, which is always a downer in the summer. Little Stella was becoming pretty active and big for her britches until getting sick, practicing crawling (er, um...scooting backwards) and walking (well, really it's standing up while Mommy and Daddy hold her hands/arms and walk her forward by tipping her body to the left and then right - we kind of manipulate it for her but then cheer for her anyway like she actually walked on her own. She loves this:) Whatever, she WAS making progress, I swear! Now she spends most of her day sleeping, which is what she does when she is sick. She sleeps and sleeps, which is what I remember doing as a child. Nothing made me feel better than getting lots of sleep. We hope this antibiotic that she's been on since Monday will give her some relief and clear up the infection soon. Her eye looks great, thanks to the million dollar eye drops that they (of course) only make in name brand form. Her eyes better have turned into solid gold after we finish with the prescription.

Speaking of spending money on Stella, we finally sold our stroller, which i am fairly sad to see go.
 This stroller was wonderful for Stella's first 12 months of life but it doesn't transform into a two-seater, which we will need in 6 months (that still freaks me out!). I'm preparing to ship it out to the lucky Ebay auction winner as soon as the replacement wheel from Mutsy arrives. Yes, of course, I needed another replacement wheel. It magically disappeared on our trip to Atlanta - of course I would lose a wheel at the same time I'm trying to sell it on Ebay. I think we are going with the Baby Jogger City Select stroller because it goes from a single to a double to a double with a riding board for bigger kids, so when Stella's 4 or 5 and too big for the stroller seat, I can still "push" her on the stroller with 2 other kiddos.
Does anyone out there have this stroller or know any information about it - I've tested it out in person, done research and read reviews, but I would love more input!

As for us, we've just been staying busy with Stella and are getting excited about Devereaux #2! I'm 12 weeks this Friday and he/she is currently the size of a large plum, though I look 5 months pregnant. It's true what they show MUCH sooner with the second bebe! As you know, my sis and BFF is also pregnant and due 2 days later than me, on January 15. We couldn't have planned this if we tried, I swear. We still cannot believe this happened at the same time. I think we've both been pretty tired over the last 8 weeks but hopefully there is a light at the end of the tunnel, which translates to and end to this first trimester...a welcomed change! We are ready to get our energy back and actually look pregnant instead of feeling pregnant (in a bad way). Keep us and our little bebe cousins in your prayers as they continue to grow and develop properly. What a set of blessings from God!

And just for fun, here's a precious pic of Stell Belle, which was taken this past weekend at her new friend Charlotte's first birthday. See, the practice walking she's doing? She's not paralyzed, I promise:)

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