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Monday, July 18, 2011

Stella Says "Bye Bye" to Her First Stroller

Of course I didn't get a picture of Stella actually saying "bye bye" to it as we shipped the thing to the lucky Ebay winners in NY, but we did get it packaged and shipped for a whopping $86. Nice. Not to mention I forgot the bleeping car seat adapter, which had to be shipped separately. Double nice. So even after all the hassle of selling and shipping it, I felt a bit nostalgic riding away from the FedEx store as Stella screamed in the back seat due to being past her nap time and having an ear infection. Yes, even through that, I was sad and sentimental:) Here are some pictures of Stella in her stroller over the past year...insert sappy "Through the Years" by Kenny Rogers.
Matt getting the stroller set up pre-Stella, March 2010
Right after we bought the stroller - I was like 2 seconds pregnant:)
Stella, 6 weeks old in her car seat adapter on the stroller, 4th of July 2010, on the bluff in Natchez, MS
 Stella strolling to her first day of daycare, 3 months old, September 2010 - go Saints!
Stella loved strolling in her bassinet to daycare!
Little Stella strolling to daycare, September 2010
Daddy strolling Stella, Uncle Dave strolling Cuz Millie, downtown NOLA after a trip to the WWII Museum, Stella's Baptism Wknd August or September 2010
Our nanny, Dawn, took this picture before an afternoon stroll around the block, August 2010
Hanging out at St. John's Coffeehouse in downtown Covington, October 2010
Winter 2010, bundled up for a stroll on the lakefront
My future's so bright...
6 months, Christmas playtime in City Park, NOLA, December 2010
Christmas Play Time at Algiers Point with Pops, Uncle Dave and Aunt MCat
Hanging with Aunt MCat at City Park, Christmas 2010
At our friend McKenzie's baptism at Our Lady of the Lake, February 2011
Mardi Gras 2011, Thoth parade, Stella cut her first tooth at Thoth!
 Mardi Gras, downtown Covington, 2011
Mardi Gras 2011, Thoth parade, St. Charles Ave. Stella 8 months old 
With buddy Griffin on MS Gulf Coast, spring 2011 - Griffin and Stella are 2 months apart - both Daddies were room mates at Ole Miss
With Cousin Millie - 9 months, Easter 2011, Algiers Point, one of the last outings with "the stroller"

It was a great ride, Mutsy, but we are on to bigger and double strollers from here on out - making way for baby Devereaux #2! Baby Jogger City Select stroller, here we come!

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