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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Baby Girl Devereaux #2's Ultrasound

Here is a picture of #2's ultrasound at 17 weeks, 5 days on August 10, 2011 (yes, it took me one month to get this picture up here-don't judge me).
The baby is kicking like CRAZY. I know for certain she's been kicking so hard that you can feel it from the outside for at least 2 maybe 3 weeks. I first felt this little pony kick me at around 16 weeks. What's also great is that I've been having contractions for 2 weeks now - maybe they are Braxton Hicks, maybe not. Who knows? I did tell the doctor when she called to tell me I missed my appointment (who misses their baby doctor appointments? This girl.) so we've got an appointment this week. I probably had the same thing with Stella, but just didn't realize it. I realize EVERYTHING with this pregnancy:)

This week (week 22) baby girl is about the size of a papaya, or 8 inches long, weighing in at 1.2 pounds. I've got either 16 or 17 weeks left, depending on whether or not we have gestational diabetes again. If we do, we will have a scheduled c-section 2 weeks prior to my January 13 due date. We are still working on names and will probably not announce it until she is born, like with Stella. We like to keep people on their toes:)

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