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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas at the Devereauxs/37 Weeks Pregnant

Well, I've let a month go by since updating our blog, but give me a break...I've been working, running after an 18 month old, getting my house decorated to host Christmas for my family AND keeping up with being 9 months pregnant. Speaking of 9 months pregnant, here I am at 34 weeks, 2 days (Dec 4)...
...and 37 weeks, 5 days (Dec 28)
At 36 weeks I was showing signs of preeclampsia at my regular weekly check up, such as seeing spots in my peripheral vision, having unusual pain on the right side of my belly and a high level of protein in my urine. After some tests and bloodwork, they said my levels were in the normal range and after today's weekly check up they cleared me and told me everything was fine. For a while, my family was on alert because we didn't know if I'd be put in the hospital early if my results came back positive for preeclampsia, thus I'd be in the hospital for Christmas (boo!). But everything was fine, and I hosted Christmas night for the first time at our new house.

Speaking of Christmas, here is our first Christmas in our new house...
 front door wreaths I made
 Christmas morning loot for Stella
 Santa left a table and chairs!
 our foyer
 office turned extra dining area
 freshly painted dining room with new (old) dining room chairs - Xmas present from Matt's mom!
 Christmas Eve at MC and Dave's
 Traditional "Generations" photo - from R to L, Mae Mae (grandmother), her daughter, Cheryl (our Mom), my sister, Mary Catherine, her daughter, Millie, plus baby Moffett, who I think will be another girl, me, Stella, and baby girl Devereaux #2!
 Millie, MC, Mom and me, both MC and I with babies #2 on board:)

We had a wonderful time getting ready for and hosting Christmas Night dinner, even though it was tough doing everythiing a million months pregnant, but we did it! My sister (also a million months pregnant) hosted Christmas Eve after we all went to church together on the Point.
 Matt's first smoked tur-duck-en! It was delish!!

Now that Christmas is over, we are waiting on the arrival of Stella's baby sister. We will know this afternoon what her birthday will most likely be, as we'll be scheduling a c-section with the hospital today! Exciting! I must admit, I am pretty much done with this pregnancy. I am ready for the baby to be here, to have a name, and for our family to learn how in the world to adapt with #2:) We are pretty clueless, but try not to stress out about it!

...and lastly, here is baby girl's new (old) baby bed, just waiting for her arrival!

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