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Monday, April 2, 2012

Thankful for Momma Friends

I haven't blogged about my relatively new group of mommy friends who quite literally are my saving grace each day, especially Friday mornings when we get together for play dates. We all had babies within 4 months of each other - I was introduced to these 3 lovely ladies through my good friend Jennifer whom I met through Junior League over a year ago. She welcomed us into her life and our daughters became best friends as they spent hours together playing while we kept each others children - side note: she definitely kept Stella more than I kept Charlotte and never complained...I got to teach class without paying for childcare, knowing that she was safe and having a ball playing with her "Lawlette" that's what I call an awesome friend!

 Stella, 14 mo with Charlotte, 13 mo

Jenn welcomed me into her group of newly found friends, as she had moved here from Michigan as soon as her daughter was born. Jenn not only cared for my child, she introduced me to more child friendly programs and events than I would have ever found on my own, and all 5 mommies have become super close, which is hard to do when you're a mom. One thing I never realized is how easy it is to left friendships suffer after you get married and have children. For me, friends have and always will be something I need, and now I've learned how to nuture friendships and not take them for granted.

We've all signed up our children to be in the same 2 year old program in the fall and I look forward to the many more playdates, mommies night out and general hanging out we've got in the works. Good thing our husbands like each other!

 The gang...Charlotte, Hudson, Hudson and Stella...Gray missed out because he had RSV:(

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