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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

TNT Gulf Coast Half Marathon

I've decided I'm a masochist and signed up with Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's TNT program to run my first half marathon! Its the Gulf Coast Half Marathon in October and while I'll still be blogging about our lives, my babies and training, I'll be blogging about it here mostly - check out this blog in the interim!

As a mini-fairwell, I'll give some Mary Tucker stats as I've skipped over her poor sweet self in the recent posts:
At 5 months, Mary Tucker:
  • is still breastfeeding. She eats 6-7 times a day and loves it. Stella could smash her with a toy (and has, one single time) and it wouldn't phase her as long as she's nursing
  • is sleeping through the night (knock on wood). I work in the evening so when I get home I usually feed her between 7 and 8, put her down and then sneak in her room and feed her again before I go to sleep, just so she'll have a full tummy
  • just tried rice cereal for the first time and LOVED it. Matt has pics because, of course, my phone was dead at the time
  • is rolling all around on her matt and practicing her tummy time. If we really work to entertain her on her belly, she'll stay there for a while, but then promptly says "get me the heck off this floor now"
  • is starting to say different sounds instead of "ahhahhhhaaaah" all day long...just the other morning she was saying "maamaaammammmmmmmaa", which I melted over, even though I know its probably not a derivative of Momma"
  • weighs at least 15lbs and has fat rolls all over her little body. It's delicious and she smells so good, even when she spits up! Baby fat is heavenly right now
  • loves bouncing - when I stand her up to practice putting weight on her legs, she just bounces and bounces - all work from her jumperoo. I just hope she'll practice putting weight on her legs without jumping soon
  • has the sweetest open mouth grin when she sees me walk into a room. She is a serious little soul, but will smile when she turns on the charm for Mommy and Daddy. She loves getting hugged by Sissy and Sissy loves laying next to her on her activity mat while she's watching her show. I am so lucky that they are close in age and hopefully just as close as sisters and friends

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