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Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Fam Dam

Time spent with family is time well spent. This weekend we are in Hattiesburg visiting Matt's parents who we haven't seen in what feels like forever! Matt's dad recently had an accident and severely broke his arm, to which the doctors though it would be humorous to fit a bar similar to a towel rack on the outside of his arm. Thank Jesus, he finally had it removed! Typical Mike, we have not seen him since we've been here because he was working on a Habitat for Humanity project all night (yes, ALL night) and recently got home to shower and sleep a bit before heading back downtown to oversee the rest of the day's activities. He is the epitome of inspiration. The devotion to God he has is awe inspiring and I just like to sit back and watch him work. I love my father-in-law.

We just missed Marc, Matt's brother, who we also haven't seen in ages. His fiance' Heather is expecting (surprise) and I hear she is NOT feeling so hot these days. I admit, I am jealous. Hearing Matt's mother talk about her last night and how the pregnancy is coming jolted me back to the reality of it all. Here is yet another example of how God works in mysterious ways. Marc and Heather just got engaged - they were not trying to get pregnant, and bam - it happens anyway. Oh, the irony...but I know Marc is secretly thrilled beyond are his parents. They want to be grandparents so much it oozes out of them. Matt and I cant wait to give them grandchildren.


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