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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Doomsday Tuesday they day has finally come for Matt's full work up at the doctor. He has an appointment with an internist as we speak and I know he is a nervous wreck. Until the test results are in, we won't know anything. So we sit and wait...and wait...and wait...please pray for good news...or at least no bad news!

Now a strange thing is happening to me, though I know it's not pregnancy. I already do not have normal cycles, so the phrase "I'm late" doesn't pertain to me. But its been 40 days since my last cycle. I have been having strange cramps and a ridiculous appetite and my boobs are enormous. I know, I know, I should NOT take a pregnancy test because it only stresses me out and makes me angry...but I did anyway, last weekend. Of course it says I am in the waiting game again. I think this next month I'll start an OPK...I haven't used one in months since all the doctor's appointments so I thought, hey, what could it hurt? We can tell if the vitamin cocktail is working, right?! We shall see...until next time!

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