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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

21 Weeks, 3 days!!!

Today we're 21 weeks, 3 days pregnant!!! We've been very busy around the Devereaux household - right now I'm spending the week in Natchez for work (Kelly's Kids photo shoot for Fall 2010)! I'm ashamed to say I haven't seen ANYONE accept those at the photo shoot or the office and my mother...I'm a bad friend, I know:( But really, photo shoots are hard work! I think I went to bed at 6:30pm last night!!!) After being on my feet all day chasing 4 and 5 year olds, I deserved an early evening in bed!

We somehow lucked out and got yet ANOTHER ultrasound visit with little lady right at 20 weeks - and this time, I remembered my VHS so we've got it on video!!! See how cute?! I must admit, I'm already a little biased, though:)
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Little girl weighs 11 oz and is around 7 inches long. They checked her face up close and personal to rule out a cleft pallet and said that she has a cute, small little nose! This time I really saw her moving around in there - twitching and jerking her sweet little arms and shaking her head. At one point I thought I saw her do a few very-Michael Jackson-esque pelvic thrusts, which I'll have to talk to her about later...:) She also had some mad donkey kicks, which were very entertaining! She would bend both legs and then jab them straight out, then bend one, straighten the other and then KICK, and do it on the other leg! The ultrasound tech said right now I am only feeling 1 out of every 10 of her movements, so she must be going crazy in there! Maybe she's having a rave or a dance-off with herself. She does have to be in there all by her lonesome for quite sometime...I'd have to entertain myself, too! I hope it's not like the movie Castaway where she has to make friends with an inanimate object like Wilson the volley ball to keep herself entertained...all she has in there to be friends with is the umbilical cord!

My doctor also said that between 20 and 21 weeks little girl is having a big growth spurt and that I'll be feeling some uncomfortable 'stretching'. She said during these 2 weeks she'll be growing in length very quickly and will then spend the next few months filling out with cute baby fat, which is reassuring because I googled what she looks like right now and apparently she is really skinny and very red while being covered in some crazy wax. Ewww. Seriously, I love you, honey...but eeeeeeeewww. But anyway, back to the growth spurt...I can definitely tell that my belly has been growing over the past week and a half! This past Friday it felt like my belly would burst right out of my abdomen and my breathing was getting more and more difficult - but now everything is fine! I don't feel any round ligament pain and I can take big, deep breaths with no problem! I guess this is normal?! But like I've always said, the pregnancy symptoms are really nothing compared to the amazing gift Matt and I have been given!

I love everything about being pregnant and still thank God that everything has gone so smoothly during this pregnancy. Matt and I count ourselves very, very lucky! Our doctor checked everything and says that baby and I are both fine and on the right track - she says baby girl is developing beautifully, which is what we like to hear! Until next time!!!
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