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Sunday, March 14, 2010

27 Weeks and SPRING TIME!!!!

We are 27 weeks tomorrow and we cannot believe 1) how time has flown and 2) how huge I am. Seriously. 2 weeks ago, multiple people guessed I was 8 months along and I had to wearily tell them "No, I'm just 6 months, 1 week...I've got a ways to go!" Maybe it was the shirt I was wearing...:) My doctor says that I'll show quicker because of my short stature and I'm hoping this baby stays all belly. It's really hard to carry lots of weight gracefully at 5 feet without looking like a balloon!

In other news, my sleep schedule consists of waking up at 1am and 3am for no apparent reason. For the past 4 months I've at least woken up in the middle of the night to make a trip to the it seems I just wake up to listen to my husband snore or stare at the clock. It's highly entertaining, let me tell you. But most of the time, Lil Bow Wow (baby Devereaux) is awake with me, gently nudging our late night rendesvous are worth it:) What DOES make sleeping a lot better these days is my newest companion, the Snoogle. I was having a hard time getting comfortable on my side with all the pillows I was using so I decided to go for it and give this crazy looking pillow a shot. Turns out, I can't imagine sleeping without it. I am 100% hooked. This is my LIFESAVER! I highly recommend it to any preggo people out there! (Pictured trying out my Snoogle after FedEx delivered this little lifesaver is Gus-man, our mini-Schnauzer puppy who likes all things human.)
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This weekend Matt and I painted the armoire for the baby's bedroom and we are so happy with the way it turned out!
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Her cradle is black and her crib will be black so while each peice of furniture will look different, they will all blend together nicely. We are using a white washed peice of furniture that Matt's parent's gave me for my birthday a few years ago as the changing table so now we just have to order the crib, glider and find a night stand to paint and we should be set. I've already hung the curtains (ivory dupioni silk) since we are using the extra curtains from our master bedroom (our house in Hattiesburg had lots of windows). I'm also so so excited about the baby bedding! A lady I work with is familiar with making baby bedding so we are designing something together. Here is the inspiration - white linen with cream velvet trim for the bed skirt and bumper...I can't wait to see how it turns out!
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We go to the doctor for our last monthly appointment next Monday and then it's on to doctor's appointments every 2 weeks! I'm also preparing for my first baby shower in 2 weeks (YAY!!!), a business trip to Costa Rica in April and another baby shower in Natchez in late April. Time is officially starting to fly! We'll keep everyone posted!
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  1. so cute! yeah, at 5'2", there wasn't really anywhere for the boys to go except out, so I feel your pain! :o) You look so cute, though! Be safe with all that traveling!