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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Baby Girl Devereaux's First Baby Shower!!!

We had a wonderful time this past weekend at Baby Devereaux's first baby shower hosted by my sweet college girls and Lauren, a friend of ours from Covington. Here is a collage of photos from our special day. We got the sweetest gifts and now little girl's cradle is ready for her to be in it, thanks to the Hostesses! After the shower, my college girls and I (who have not all been together at the same time since New Year's 08!!!) and my family hung out at our house and enjoyed the spring weather on the screened in front porch (which I'm obsessed with as of late).

In other news, I am sick as a dog with a cold and NOT liking it. As I type this I am laid up on the couch trying my best to work as much as I can with a severe sore throat and stuffy ears that are only working at 70%. Not. Fun. What is also not fun is having to take the 3 hour glucose tolerance test after failing the initial screening last week. Yes, I took it today. Yes, I stayed at the doctor's office for 4 hours this morning. Yes, I got stuck 4 times, twice in each arm. So I rightfully want to crawl in bed and sleep for eternity. Thank goodness tomorrow is a holiday and Matt and I are both off work! And since I'm having a pity party for myself, you can top all that business off with the fact that my cold kept waking me up on the hour, every hour last night. At 3am it got a bit ridiculous so I took a bath and tried to relax by watching a little TV. (For those of you who haven't heard my story about TV and Matt while sleeping, here's a brief run down. Before getting married I, like my mother and my grandmother, fell asleep every night with the TV on. Rude awakening #1...when I married Matt, I discovered he has to have absolute quite and darkness to fall asleep, so bedtime for the first few months of our marriage consisted of me trying to fall asleep before he did so his snoring wouldn't keep me awake or getting him to fall asleep so I could sneak the TV on and try and fall asleep. The later never worked because he always woke up. Then I resorted to trying to fall asleep with my IPod and earphones on so I could block out the sound of him snoring. First time I tried this, he woke up and said (literally) "Honey, turn that music off, it's keeping me awake." He almost got pushed out of the bed. Now we've worked out a nice little routine where we watch TV in bed till I fall asleep, then he turns the TV off. )

Though I slept terribly, I did watch maybe one of the funniest episodes of The Cosby Show at 5am that I have ever seen. It's the episode where Claire is going through menopause and her children are acting as if she has a life-threatening disease. Claire and Cliff decide to prank the kids by going berserk at dinner with exaggerated menopause symptoms. I was cracking up in bed trying not to wake up Matt - it was so hilarious!!! It made my morning!

The test results come back Monday morning for the glucose tolerance test. Let's pray it's not gestational diabetes AND that I don't have to do it again!!!
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