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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Pyscho About Stroller!

Yes, it's flying by...Stella is 15 weeks old now!!! Much like anyone else with a growing baby, I still cannot believe it. Here is a pretty sweet picture of a happy waking baby ...

"Good Morning!!!"

Sweet Stells sleeps in her crib all night now (except last night - we have been in Natchez for 5 days and I left the monitor at Mom's and couldn't get comfortable with the idea of her sleeping in her room without her monitor so we snuggled up together last night in her co-sleeper, which she is almost too big for!). She's doing well with her 4 hour schedule and is practicing tummy time more and more each day. We've been traveling more than usual and she's adapted so well, I was amazed! She loved her time with Che Che and Mignon while I worked in the home office. Thanks so much for taking time from both of your busy schedules to help keep Stella! I couldn't have done it without you!!

In other news, I've finally received that replacement wheel for Stella's stroller. Thank God. For those of you who know the back story, you're probably filled with relief for that poor, poor customer service rep at Mutsy, USA. You see, in late July Matt accidentally backed over the million dollar Mutsy Slider stroller and I almost got sick at the thought that the stroller was ruined. I got such a deal on this fab stroller - like, a once in a life time deal. After looking at our squished stroller, we realized only one tire was broken and the structure of the whole stroller was fine. However, I purchased the stroller through one of my many online sale sites and not through the manufacturer, though I did register the product to make sure if any thing like this happened, I could get assistance from the manufacturer. I called Mutsy USA and spoke to a sweet lady who said that although the stroller was discontinued, they would probably be able to get me a replacement wheel at not charge. I was thrilled! We didn't have to buy a new stroller after all!

Well, 2 weeks pass, then 3 and I start to worry that she hasn't found a wheel after all. I call. I email. No one answers. Another week passes and I call. Again. And email. Again. And again. No reply...nothing. So I start to worry. I call other departments at Mutsy USA trying to locate the woman that helped me and no one answers. I find it strange that NO ONE in the company will answer or forward my message to anyone, so I get a little miffed. I search for them on Facebook and hallelujah, they have a page! I see activity so I know someone at Mutsy is running the page and answering questions and updating their status...but, uh oh, I scroll down to see a ranter - someone who has also tried to reach someone in customer service with a problem with no luck. I posted a message to their page in hopes they'll see that no one has responded and of course, I am ignored.

I am livid by this point. It's almost been a month! I start searching for stores across the US who carry this rare brand of stroller and call them to see if anyone has spare wheels. After calling about 20 stores, I find a lady in Sausalito, CA who offers to contact the warehouse and help me locate a wheel. I am also greeted by an email from the original customer service rep I spoke to that promised me a wheel...I read her email and oops...she's been out of the office for 2 weeks due to a death in the family. Errrr, insert foot in mouth. Yikes. She obviously received all my rants via voice mail and email....I wonder how irate I sound looking back. Yeah, I am one of those scary moms...

After apologizing, she informs me that they had to order a wheel from the Netherlands, where the strollers are manufactured. I thanked her, and she sent the wheel! Our stroller is now in working order and I probably have the worst reputation in Mutsy's customer service. Matt said "Caroline, you are truly psycho about that stroller" and I can't argue with that!

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