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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Stella's Christening and Her Big Upcoming 4 Month Birthday!!!

Well, in pretty much 12 hours, Stella will turn 4 months old and will be getting some icky shots. I love her birthdays but hate that they are usually commemorated by immunizations:(! It's been SOOOOO crazy around here...I am just barely seeing a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel!

Stella started daycare 2 weeks ago, which has been tough, especially since we've all been sick for at least a week now. We went to the pediatrician this past Saturday to make sure it was just a regular cold and not something terrible like RSV and she checked out fine weighing 13lbs 13.5oz! I can't believe how big my girl is, though I know other babies who are SLAMMIN' on the pounds compared to my little Stella. She's just a petite thing, that's all:) Daycare has been somewhat...interesting. I am lucky because (if I want) I can stalk Stella all day via the daycare's webcam and keep an eye on the teacher. After watching for a few days, I can honestly say that I do trust Stella's teacher and the whole daycare in general...there's just something about having to share your child's sole caregiver with 3 other children...especially after having a perfectly wonderful nanny in house for 8 weeks! Other than the sinusitis I've developed from daycare, Stella seems to be ok with her illness. It's really only nasal congestion and a bit of a scratchy throat, which has all improved over the past week. I've got her mattress propped up one side and a humidifier going constantly in her room because I'm terrified of developing ear infections. Fingers crossed, it seems to be working! We'll see at the doctor's office tomorrow!

This past weekend was Stella's Christening at our church here in Mandeville! Stella wore the slip, gown and cap that has been in our family for 55 years. This was also worn by Stella's cousin Millie, myself and my siblings, all my cousins and my mother and her 2 brothers. The gown was a bit small for Stella - apparently you are supposed to get babies baptized before 3-4 months - oops. But I was merely keeping up tradition because my grandmother jokes that when I was baptized, mom waited so long to do it that the gown had to be draped over me because I was 5 months old! Well, at least I was baptized at all!

After her christening we hosted lunch at our home for 30 of our family members and friends. We are so so happy that we got to spend the weekend with everyone - having each of you there meant more than you'll know. Even though it was hot in our little house, the Saints lost and I ran out of food (I know, right? What a terrible host!), it was such a wonderful occasion for Matt, Stella and I. Here are some pictures of our special weekend:
Saturday, WWII Museum, Warehouse District, NOLA

 The cake, Frangelico Hazelnut Cake with Butter cream Icing by Zoe's Bakery

The grandmothers (Jen Jen and Che Che) dressing Stella in our vintage christening gown

 Parents and Godparents, Aunt Mary Catherine and Uncle David

That paci had to be in her mouth...we didn't feel very good - but at least we looked sweet:)

Mommy and Daddy with baby Stella!

 Mommy and Daddy getting ready for her baptism

 The Devereauxs

Stella's Godmother MCat

 Pops and his kids and grand kids!

 Lauren and Sean left their week and a half old baby girl McKenzie to be there!

 Proud Mommy and Daddy - Stella has her hands in her mouth 23 hours a day

 The 4 gennies - for those of you who don't know why we take pictures like this, one of the last Christmases we had with our Nannie (Mae Mae's mother), they took a silly photo at Christmas with Nannie, Mae Mae, Mom and MCat (4 generations) posing like this, all poking a little fun at Nannie who struck the pose first. Now, we've made it a tradition and we have the exact same photo when Millie was baptized!

The 4 gennies again:)

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  1. are you getting better now? You may try Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa ( i know alot of people use it, its also non alcoholic, though it's effectiveness is not as good as alcohol based cough medicine, but it's still good to use on not so serious scratchy throat.