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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Stella is 6 Months Old!!??

...I can't believe it. Stella is 6 months old, well, actually, today she's like 6 1/2 months old, but I'm late blogging:)

...back to what I was saying...I can't believe in, really can't believe's Stella's past 6 months:
 Stella, just born...
"Word" on her one month birthday, 7.1.2010
"I'm judging you" on her 2 month birthday, 8.1.2010
"I can't stand how funny you are, Mommy!" on her 3 month birthday 9.1.2010
 "Mom, the sun's in my eyes" on her 4 month birthday 10.1.2010
 "Woah, to the flash on that camera!" on her 5 month birthday, 11.1.2010
 "I'm the cutest ballerina ever" on her 6 month birthday, 12.1.2010

...we just had her in the hospital, yesterday, right??

Here are her stats at 6 months:
  • 16lbs, 15oz...chunk monk!!!
  • 26 1/4 inches tall
  • currently sleeps from 7 or 8 to somewhere between 5 and 7, nurses, then goes down for another hour or 2!
  • started baby food and loves apples, bananas and peas...this week we are working on carrots, though Matt is convinced she isn't a fan...I promptly informed him it takes a baby 15 attempts at one food to determine whether or not she actually likes or dislikes it...we've got a few more rounds to go! I am also making Stella's baby food, which is very cool. It's super easy, cheap and you can make enough food in one day for like 2 months if you have enough storage space! Did I mention how cheap this was?
We've been exclusively breastfeeding Stella since day one, with an occasional formula bottle here and there when we run out of milk and I'm not available, and I've THOROUGHLY enjoyed it. I wouldn't have it any other way and if God permits, I'll breastfeed all of my babies. I can't say enough good things about breastfeeding. However, we've decided to start weaning Stella to formula. The pediatrician said I no longer had to nurse her every 4 hours (what a difference that makes!) and could cut out one feeding so she was instead nursing 4 times a day with 2 baby food meals. It was a very tough decision, one that I have been on the fence about for a while now, but once we reached the 6 month mark, which was my minimum goal, we decided it was what was best for our entire family to stop nursing. I've already begun to replace one nursing period with a bottle and she's doing really well. I feel certain this is because we introduced the bottle to her early - she has never had trouble taking the bottle, so weaning her shouldn't be difficult. It will probably be more difficult for me than her! Hopefully by the end of next week she'll be officially weaned.

Things I'll miss about nursing:
  • the special bonding time only Stella and I experience...the look on her face is priceless!
  • the way she relies on ONLY me for's a proud and rewarding feeling knowing that I am an integral part of her day, everyday
  • the time I get to "slow down" during the day when I have to nurse gives me a break to just stop and enjoy my life for a while
  • this is a double-edge sword, but the ease in which we can "get up and go"...I still have to get her ready and pack her diaper bag, but I never have to worry about a bottle or formula...her meal is always ready and available!
  • putting her to bed...our ritual is dinner, bathtime, and nursing, then to bed. I am almost always the last one to hold her before she goes to sleep, and that is a sweet, calming time for us both
  • I'm not too proud to admit that nursing is a great way to keep the weight off...I don't know exactly how much, but I think a mother burns like 300 calories each time she breastfeeds, so its like your working out while sitting down and relaxing!
I will miss breastfeeding very much, but I am excited about all the great things that come with this welcomed change. For one, Matt will get the joy of feeding her now (along with other family members), which for the majority of the time was only my responsibility.  I don't know what it is, but there is something so sweet about feeding a baby! Secondly, and lastly (for I do not want to appear to "bash" breastfeeding, as I feel it is the best way to feed newborns), I will not miss having to wear nursing-appropriate attire. I can't tell you how many times my ADHD brain has forgotten to wear something I can nurse easily in, especially when going out for the day or going to a function. In which case, I have to undress to nurse. Not fun. I've learned there are many dresses you cannot nurse in and cannot take one strap off, which requires you to fully undress.

Like I said, I love breastfeeding and will breastfeed all of my babies, and maybe in the future I'll even breastfeed them up until their first birthday, like the American Academy of Pediatrics suggests...but for now, we are closing this chapter on a happy note:)

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