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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thankful for Thanksgiving

I know its about a week late, but hey, we've been busy and on the road, so gimme a break:) I was very thankful this year for Thanksgiving and time spent with family. We've had a rough past month or so after I lost my job, so we welcomed good time spent with family and friends. We started off a week before Thanksgiving with my best friend's wedding in Mobile. Since my camera broke, I was forced to take pictures with my phone, but I did get a few photos from friends via Facebook, so enjoy:)
 Girls' Bridesmaid Luncheon at Cortlandt's
Matt, Stella and I in the vestibule before the ceremony, St. Mary's Church
My besties:) L to R Kelly, me, Candace, Cheree, Victoria, Cherie Kaye 
 Mommy and Stella taking a break from dancing for suppertime:)

And on to Thanksgiving...we had such a great time in Columbus visiting with family. It's always been a tradition to meet up the night before Thanksgiving and enjoy a Mexican feast at the Mexican Kitchen but we've not been able to attend for at least the past 5 years! We made an extra effort to get there in time and we were so glad we did! Staying 2 nights in Columbus was so nice. One night is just not enough!
Pops and Stella

Gram and Stella fist pump...classic!
 "You are the most fascinating thing I've ever seen, Pops." -Stella
 Rocking the "Baby's first Thanksgiving" bib, courtesy of Aunt Nancy!
 Stella surrounded by loyal subjects...Aunt Colleen on the left and cousin Blair on the right
 Mommy and Stella - first Thanksgiving!
 Mia, Stella and Pops!
 Three generations...Stella, Pops and Grandpa Billy
 Then we took it down to Hattiesburg for a weekend with the Devereauxs..Stella was absolutely amazing on the trip...we were very surprised, seeing as how she usually HOWLS when put in the car seat...hopefully that is a phase she is outgrowing!
 Yes, count them, that's 4 schnauzers! Sophie, Gus, Tilly and Berti....Stella can't believe it, either!
 We even got to visit the Thrashes while in town! We loved having lunch with them and letting the girls play with Stella. Lizzy was the sweetest, always giving her a paci. Marie wanted to hold her and did such a good job!
 Tell me he's not an experienced Dad...I guess three baby girls will do that for you:) Also, will you check out the staring contest we've got going on?? Stella vs Lizzy...I think Stella wins! Hilarious!
 Katie, my long lost friend:) It was so good to finally catch up with you:)
 We also took some Christmas pictures because my oh-so-together, decorating-queen-of a-mother-in-law had her beautiful house decorated and tree up PLUS all the children and both grand girls were in town! add even more fun to a great weekend, my sweet sister in law, Megan, got engaged!!!!! We are so happy for you and Chris, sister!!!!
 Of course, Stella must still practice tummy time!
Look at this fat chunky monkey! Can you believe she was a week shy of 6 months old here?! She's heavenly fat, I tell you...I could eat her with a spoon! I'll post more 6 month stats after her check up next week! I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving as much as we did!

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