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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Playdates with Friends

Today Stella and I had a wonderful treat - a playdate with Karla and her baby Jacques! Karla and I are old friends from high school and she and her sweet little fam (introducing new baby Jacques Francois Bezou III) recently moved to the North Shore from NOLA. We are thrilled to have them close by:) We strolled on the lakefront enjoying a beautiful, sunny afternoon...which we must take advantage of before we move! More info on that in a subsequent post...:)
 Stella and Jacques played on the mat for a while...sweet Jacques already behaving like a ladies' man! See, Stella made the move...the hand hold!
 Jacques has hair. Lots of it. All over his head. You can literally run your fingers through it...and it IS luxurious.
 Sweet baby Jacques!
 Precious pals...Stella was this small 2 seconds ago, wasn't she?!
 Just a sweet shot of my Stella Badella
Stella - "Jacques, can I just touch your hair...real quick?"
Jacques - "Ok, Stella, here - just for a sec."

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