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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Big Things Ahead!!!

OMG could I be going through any more WONDERFUL things in my life right now?? I think not! Let's chat about 'em, eh?

First, we are MOVING! Yes, moving, yes, for the 5th time in 3 1/2 years. Apparently, we like to torture ourselves and move as much as we can in as few days as possible. Like now, for instance, we close on our new house this Friday and must be out of our rental by Monday at midnight. I'm quite certain Matt and I promised ourselves at least twice that "the next time we move we'll pay someone to do it for us"...are we doing that this time around? No. Of course not. BUT lucky us, Mattie's parents are coming in town with a big ole trailer to help us move. New house...could there be anything more exciting? It's a big old thing, custom built in the 60s with only 1 owner, so while we've got some pretty heavy cosmetic updating to do, the house itself is in wonderful condition. Take a look...
In other news, I'm undergoing certification to become a Pilates instructor! I couldn't be more in love with my career change. I've been into Pilates for over 10 years so now I get to do what I love and call it "work"! Is there anything better than getting to stay home with your little baby daily AND have a career that you love?? I'm gonna go with no. I'm lucky and blessed and happy and excited all at the same time. Certification goes from January to March then we reconvene to "test" anywhere from 2-4 months later. I'm teaching for my dear friend who owns Pilates Bodies in Covington, LA - her support over these last few months has been paramount and I could not have done this without her! Props to you, sweet friend! Here I am in arabasque on the reformer machine at Pilates Bodies...

...and Stella is still just as cute as ever! She's not yet 8 1/2 months old and has rolled over twice now (don't judge, we were a little slow) and is eating her weight in baby food. She LOVES peas...they are her favorite. Surprisingly, she loves prunes. We gave them to her one day to "help things along" and she devoured them, so now we give them to her every now and then. She loves peaches and pears but we are still working on avocados. She's a bit sick right now with a cold that sounds like it's moved to her chest, so I am weary that it may turn into RSV since that's going around. Fingers crossed this little cold passes...and passes soon. I'll update again after we've moved!! And just for kicks, here's Stell Belle...

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