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Sunday, May 15, 2011

More Renovations!!!

It's been C-R-A-Z-Y around here as we renovate/paint/fix up/repair parts of our house in time for Stella's first birthday party, which we idiotically decided to have at hour new home. Why did we do this?? We knew how much work it was going to take to get our house in mediocre condition for guests, but we said "hey, who doesn't like a little crazy, over-zealous project or twelve to accomplish in 2 months?!"

So, here we sit, knee-deep in saw dust and paint, trying to scramble to complete the projects already started. Let's go over some before and after shots, just because it makes me feel better:)
back porch before...
back porch during...
front entryway before...
front entry way after...
(front doors still have to be stained and sealed and our new awning and side porch lights still have to be added - yes, we are getting rid of the current light)
Side note on front doors - my husband found these at an antique store for $40 a piece. These are OLD, solid cyprus doors that probably came off an old church. My father-in-law, who is a magical craftsman and can build/refurnish/renovate ANYTHING, refinished these doors for us and made or refinished most of the hardware. All we have to do is pick our stain and seal it! He estimated have these custom doors made would cost us around $2500. I almost blacked out when he revealed this little bit of info. What are we doing? Winning. THAT'S what!
 foyer before...
foyer during...we still have to finish the wall paint and some day add wainscoting and new floors (that will be whitewashed hard wood:)
 Ahhhh...see, now I can breathe easier. Just looking at our progress makes me feel better:)

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