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Monday, May 2, 2011

Stella's 11 months old!!

 Stella turned 11 months old yesterday and we can't believe she came into this world one month shy of a year ago. We love each milestone she meets but get a little sad watching her grow and leave behind so many baby things. I hope I have fully appreciated every stage of her life thus far. Every time I say goodbye to clothes that are too small or things that are for newborns, I worry she is missing out on things.I never claimed to be sane:)
Easter morning. Looks. exactly. like. her. Dad.

At 11 months old she weighs around 22 pounds and is wearing 12 month and 12/18 month outfits. She can still fit into some 6 month bishop dresses and dressy bubbles. She has 2 bottom teeth and 2 half top teeth that are trying to poke through, but are coming in slower than the bottom ones. This causes her some discomfort and she hums loudly when her teeth hurt. She also grins crookedly to show off her teeth, which is hilarious. She's growing lots of hair on top, which is still blond, and has a patch of strawberry blonde hair at the nape of her neck.
 Cousins Stella and Millie from Easter morning. Love these two together.

She currently takes 2 8oz bottles a day, but this month we plan to go to 1 bottle as our doctor suggested. At 12 months we will cut out the bottle all together and stick with a sippy cup or regular cup. She eats 5 small meals a day and loves chicken! I think it's her favorite. She loves to eat and moans "mumm, mumm, yummm, yumm" while smacking her lips when she sees us preparing her food. It. is. hysterical.
Stella all dolled right after her first Easter Sunday Mass.

When she gets excited she rolls her ankles around and opens and closes her hands rapidly (imagine jazz hands on caffeine) and grins. It is the cutest thing to see her daddy walk through the door from work and her eyes light up and her hands and feet go to work. She also sucks in air when she's giggling which is actually kind of strange - like a reverse exhalation, but with a raspy sound. If it makes her laugh, whatever:)
Our family outside Holy Name of Mary Catholic Church in Algiers Point, NOLA

She is sitting up on her own like a pro and scoots backwards on her tummy. She's still turned out in her hips when on her tummy, so she hasn't grasped how to stay on her knees and begin to crawl. I am happy that she likes being on her belly now. For a while, she despised tummy time so crawling was no where in sight. Now that she's scooting backwards, I think her mobility will come shortly. The child will lay on her back in her crib still set to the highest level and I know she won't roll over and pull up or roll out. Now, how long this lasts, I have no idea. But for now, she's probably the only 11 month old who doesn't sleep in a lowered crib. I try not to compare her progress to other babies, though it is hard. Our pediatrician says not to worry about it because she's met the other major milestones at 6 and 9 months old. She is very verbal and has the pincer grasp down pat. She knows when things fall or drop to the ground and looks after them showing me she knows they exist when she can no longer see them. She knows her name and she stands assisted and can bear weight on her legs with me barely holding her. My daily mantra is "She will crawl when she is ready".
Mommy and Stella in front of Aunt MCat's jasmine.

The next month will be busy preparing for her first birthday, which I am very excited about. I've got to get on the ball with prep work! Happy May to all!!!
Proof that she is, in fact, doing tummy time:)

At Elizabeth's Bridal Shower this past weekend. Yes, she smiles for the camera.

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