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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Welcome, Mary Tucker Devereaux!

We are pleased to announce the birth of "baby girl Devereaux" or "Stella's Little Sissy" AKA Mary Tucker Devereaux!

Yes, she is almost 3 weeks old and I haven't posted a single thing about her birth but hey, give me a break...I've got two girls under two years old (wow, that's scary to say out loud).

 Our new family of four!

She was born at 10:12 am on Thursday, January 5, 2012 weighing a light 7lbs 12oz (lighter than predicted via ultrasound!) and measuring 19 1/4 inches long. She came out with light brown hair and a few short hours after delivery we could see that she, too, would have blue eyes like her sister. Everything went fine during our scheduled c-section (besides the slight uncomfortable spinal insertion) and I am recovering very well.

Mary Tucker was named after my grandmother, Mary Ann, Matt's great-great grandfather, Grover Tucker, and my dear friend from high school, Tucker. Mary Tucker was perfectly healthy, even though we had a rough start learning to nurse. She lost about a pound in the first week and we had to supplement with a bottle of pumped breast milk for a few days,so she could plump back up, and as of last Thursday, she weighed 7lbs 10.5oz, so she is 2 ounces shy of her birth weight, thank goodness!

She has just melted into life at the Devereauxs and her sister Stella is in love with her, though these days Stella is much more interested in "Dora" and "Fresh Beat Band" than looking at her sissy. But when she holds her sissy, it's the sweetest thing!

Mary Tucker is sleeping well now, but I know from experience this is the honeymoon phase and at about 4-6 weeks old, she'll start acting like a newborn who does more crying than sleeping:) We are enjoying her sleeping patterns now, though. 

Her cousin, Ann Frances Moffett (my sister's baby) was born 4 days later and of course, as I predicted, a GIRL! I knew we'd be having girls together, and now my mother has 5 granddaughters!

Ann Frances and Aunt Ro Ro

Cousins Ann Frances and Mary Tucker, 5 days old and 9 days old

We are both doing well with our new bundles of joy and getting settled into life with two babes! Updates to come!

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