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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Baby: 4 Weeks

Sweet, little baby Mary Tucker is 4 weeks old in about 12 hours. I can't believe I delivered her 4 weeks ago...that she's been in my little family for 4 weeks now. MT, just in case I forget how you looked in your first 4 weeks (as if I haven't taken enough photos), let's recap:
You have a little bit of light brown hair all over that's wispy at the nape of your neck. Though your sister's was much thicker and lighter than yours when born, yours is looking like its getting lighter by the day. Your sweet little face is porcelain white and you've definitely got Momma's nose (from the Foggo side). We know your pretty little eyes will be blue and right now they are a mysterious shade of thunderstorm blue. You've just gotten to the point where you can focus on my face and your little mouth opens and makes a circular "o" shape as you concentrate on this thing that holds you and feeds you I hope you are enjoying your view as much as I am enjoying mine:)
Your skin is getting lighter and less red each week and you look more like a baby and less like a newborn, softening around the edges as you get plumper. Our little nursing problem (AKA your heavy sleeping problem) is now resolved and you've gained weight enough to where your checks are squishy and you've developed those yummy rolls in your arms and thighs. I'll be the first to looked a bit tree-frogish there at 6lbs 12 oz, a full pound lighter than your birth weight at just a week after delivery. But I knew we'd work out our problem - we got this:)
You've got your Daddy's crazy long toes and your feet are just as big as they seemed on the ultrasound. Per old wives tales, you're set to have a controlling personality in relationships - your second toe is by far longer than the rest:) Both your Mommy and your Daddy have longer second toes...go figure:) You've even got long, skinny fingers to match:)
I spend my days feeding you, changing your little newborn -sized Pampers Swaddlers, wearing you in my Moby wrap or swaddling you tightly and laying you on the Boppy safely out of reach of sissy when she needs Mommy time. You've got a calm disposition and rarely cry...however, you are a fan of grunting, which Daddy and I find especially amusing at 2am (not). You nap during the day and so far have been an excellent sleeper - so much so that in the first two weeks of your life we had to wake you on a schedule through the night to make sure you nursed every few hours. In a sleep-deprived haze, Daddy (twice) mistook the alarm clock for a crying baby (you) and tried to gently but firmly "shhh" it rather than turning it off. Needless to say, it didn't work. One night, he also spent a good solid minute fumbling with the diaper wipe warmer trying to turn off the alarm clock. Note to self...keep wipe warmer and clock a good distance away from each other. We were both so confused at that point, we started unplugging all electronics on the nightstand in hopes that eventually we'd get to the right gadget and shut the alarm clock up.
During this unusually warm Louisiana January, I haven't gotten to bundle you up much in cute hats and long rompers, though there was a chilly day that you got to wear a winter hat/bonnet:) I usually put you in day gowns or a soft, sweet Kissy Kissy gowns and onesies - nothing beats Peruvian cotton - and you've already brought out the matching bows and bonnets. Lets face like to accessorize...
and have since day one...

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