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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Think Pink!!!

It's official! We are having a beautiful baby GIRL!!! We went to the doctor for our 18 week ultrasound and the big gender reveal today and were very surprised to find out we've got a little lady on our hands! From the beginning, Matt and I have felt we were having a baby boy. I, of course, wouldn't have cared if it were a baby dinosaur (as my sister MC predicted) just as long as it was healthy! I have been dreaming that the baby is a girl over the past 2 weeks and just yesterday Matt commented that he thought it could definitely be a girl instead of a boy. Today in the waiting room we realized he was wearing pink unitentionally!

During the ultrasound, lil bebe was a perfect performer. The ultrasound tech didn't get a picture of it, but at one point the baby had her hand stretched open in a wave gesture as clear as day! The tech said she rarely sees that this early - usually she just sees fists and feet. She also commented (and took this picture above for proof) that the baby was really posing for her profile picture. Matt said "Just like her mom...and her grandmother...and her great grandmother!" It was trully amazing to see the baby so clearly. Last time we saw her, she was no more than an olive.

I wish I had remembered to bring the VHS to film the footage of the ultrasound, but at least I had the CD to record the images! I can still see her little movements as clear as day. When the tech went in to determine if we were looking at a he or a she, little girl was quite the exhibitionist and put herself in a pose that made sure we all knew there were no boy parts - only girl parts! She was perfectly cooperative and the tech said she is 100% positive we have a girl! Our tech was very cute with the whole reveal and as she slowly said "ok, are you ready? It looks like....ya'll are having...a....GIRL! The moment she said the words I burst into tears and laughter. I couldn't do one without the other. It seems like Matt and I have wanted this for so long and for a while were nervous that it might not be in the cards for us. Each time we get to see our miracle baby on that ultrasound screen or hear her sweet heartbeat with the doppler, we see that God is good and life is as it should be. Our prayers were answered. A little Devereaux girl brewing right up!

The tech said everything looked wonderful and the doctor called this afternoon after she looked at the ultrasound to tell us that everything looked great and the baby was growing exactly as she should. We are thrilled...and elated...and still in shock...and crazy in love with each other and our sweet girl. See the rest of the ultrasound pics at our online Picasa web album - link at right!
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