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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday to Millie!!!

Click the image to watch this precious video!! Happy Birthday to my sweet, sweet Millie! After Christmas, we had dinner in NOLA at Cafe Giovanni where Millie was serenaded by a true opera singer!!!

We had a wonderful holiday - one spent on the road, but none the less wonderful. We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in Natchez, celebrating Mom's birthday on Christmas Day and Millie's Christmas morning Santa reveal. Look what my Mills got!!! Yadybugs!!!!!!!
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Then we drove over to Hattiesburg on Christmas Day to see Matt's family. We often like to refer to Matt's parents' house as the Ark - because when we all gather there we usually have more dogs than humans! We had 6 dogs there on Christmas day...count that, 6!!! We are really into dogs... We've got Berti and Gus, two mini-schnauzers, Matt's sister Megan has Tilly, a mini-schnauzer, Matt's parents have Sophie, also a mini-schnauzer (we like schnauzers, can you tell?) and Matt's brother Marc and his fiance' have Bailey, a sweet old cocker spaniel and CoCo, the 6 month old rottweiler. It was madness! But we all had such a good time.

Marc's fiance Heather is also expecting, due April 16th (just 2 months before us!) and Heather and I talked babies non stop! Matt's mom pulled out Matt and Marc's baby stuff and showed us their hospital pictures, their door decorations and what they each wore home from the hospital. If we have a boy, Matt's mom is going to lend us Matt's coming home outfit!:)

After Christmas, we met my Dad in NOLA for for Millie's big 2nd Birthday Party and then followed Dad home to Jacksonville, FL where we spent our New Year's! Matt's good friend Lance is from Jacksonville and got married yesterday so we've had a big weekend full of celebrating the New Year and their nuptials! We must say we are pooped - but all the traveling was totally worth it! We got to see all our family and tons of friends so we count ourselves very lucky this holiday season! We hope each of you had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!!
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