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Monday, May 17, 2010

36 Weeks Today!!!

How Far Along: 36 weeks (we will find out in exactly 1 week what day Dr. Steen wants to induce - it could be anywhere from May 24 to June 7!)
Total Weight Gain: I haven't gained weight in 3 weeks, thanks to my diabetes diet! Overall, the scale tips at around 35 lbs I think :)
Maternity Clothes: went shopping this weekend for MORE clothes because, sad belly doesn't fit in any of my petite maternity clothes:( I have resorted to wearing leggings with my husbands button downs, which I must admit he thinks is cute:)
Moment of the Week: Getting little girls gilder in on Saturday - woop woop! It's beautiful!!!!! Posting a pic shortly...
Movement: She is a mover and a shaker, let me tell you! Sometimes it feels like she is doing petit battements (for you non-ballet dancers, it's a ballet barre exercise where you stand on one leg and point your opposite foot so it touches your ankle on your standing leg and then you 'beat' it back in forth very quickly) all over the place! Its like she is having convulsions, sometimes! She rolls around a ton, smashing her little heels into my rib cage (thanks, sweet angel!)
Food Craving: I'm just now into sweet tea - don't ask me why. I make decaf and enjoy it with my fresh mint I've grown outside on the deck!
Food Aversion: not really - I'll eat anything you put in front of me, as long as it's sugar free!
Morning Sickness: none of that! I was one of the lucky ones, knock on wood!
Gender: It's still a little girl, though one of my dear friends had a dream I was having a boy and named him John Alexander! I had a vague dream about it being a boy, too! My vet said (yes, my vet -we are tight) he thinks my doctor is completely wrong just based on the way I'm carrying!
Labor Signs: Ha! I've been having contractions every day since 30 weeks, BUT as last week's exam proved, little girl is high and dry with no signs of having moved down, which means no effacement or dilation - so the medication my doctor prescribed to help avoid pre-term labor (Brethine) seems to be working!We shall see how we look this Wednesday for my next appointment!
Belly Button: Big time outie - BIG TIME:)
What I Miss: Laying on my stomach, jogging somewhere across the room, climbing on cabinets to put things away, seeing my feet without leaning forward, having the car seat belt fit "right", the occasional martini, seafood and vigorous exercise - I feel the need to sweat in order to complete a good work out!
What I am Looking Forward to: A FINISHED nursery!!!
Weekly Wisdom: An intelligent and well rounded doctor is worth their weight in gold!  I just love that my doc is so honest, straight forward and just plain down to earth!  
Why I Think My Husband will ROCK as a Daddy: Matt Devereaux is ALREADY hooked around her little finger and she is not even here yet! Every time something arrives for her or her room and it needs to be put together he is on it like white on rice - just Saturday I bought a lamp shade for her nursery not knowing if it will fit the lamp and I wanted to keep the plastic on just in case we had to return it...well I turn around after taking the old lamp shade off and he's already ripped the plastic to shreds waiting like an excited puppy to put the new lamp shade on - of course, the lamp shade doesn't fit and we can't return it now:) But every time we talk about her he gets googly eyed and mushy - I  know he'll be the best Daddy in the world!!!!

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