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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Memorial Day Baby?!

Here I am 36 1/2 weeks pregnant with little baby girl Devereaux!

Well, little isn't quite apropros...she's over 6lbs right now and probably reach 19 to 20 inches tall! We will find out her measurements this coming Monday 5/24 at our big ultrasound - I'll be 37 weeks on the nose! Currently, Lil Bow Wow likes to kick me in the ribs (which is why I think she is head down) and snuggle on my left side. She frequently gets the hiccups and Matt can feel them from the outside. It's really precious - I can just imagine her precious face hiccuping! I can't wait to see what she looks like! She hasn't "engaged" yet, which means making her descent into the pelvis, so I still feel her very high and resting right on my diaphragm. People say the "waddle" aka pregnancy walk doesn't happen until she engages...I'm here to prove them wrong. I've been waddling for weeks now!

We went to the doctor yesterday and all is well! The NST went well even though I'm still having contractions - the baby isn't being bothered by the contractions, which is what they watch for on the NST. After the exam, our doc judged that the baby is still high and dry which means no effacement or dilation. This is completely normal for a first-timer like me, but she is still wanting to induce rather than let me go full term. Not only is it safer to induce a woman who has gestational diabetes to cut down on the possibility of having an oversized baby, but she said it also averts the placenta from aging - something she does NOT want to happen. Apparently if we were to wait until 40 weeks, not only would the baby be huge, but the placenta would age inappropriately and stop being a good nutritional source for the baby.

The big news is she did announce that she wants to induce no later than 38 weeks and 1 day (38 weeks exactly is Memorial Day) so we've narrowed down the induction time to be somewhere between this Monday 5/24 and Tuesday 6/1!! As of last week the dates went through June 7, so she's narrowing down our window little by little! We are so excited about the possibility of having her in a week. Really, the most we would have to wait is a week and a half...which is insanely soon! It's very surreal...we can't quite wrap our brains around the fact that this little miracle baby will soon be HERE!

Things we will discuss at Monday's appointment after the ultrasound: the size of the baby (doc will take her weight and decide what day she needs to do the induction), the placement of the baby (if she's bottom first, head first, transverse, anterior or posterior, which is facing forwards or backwards), and the shape of my pelvis and the size of her head to see if the baby will fit. All of these things will be discussed to determine whether or not I can deliver normally or via c-section. If the baby is too big for my pelvis or not in the proper position, the doctor will more than likely schedule a c-section. But she was very comforting letting us know that we can discuss all our options and she'll talk to us about what we want - a regular birth vs a c-section. Assuming that everything is normal, I think she will induce and try for a normal delivery! We personally do not care which type of delivery we have. We know the side effects and risks of both and have become well informed on both types of delivery and really want to put it in our doctor's hands. She knows what is best for me and what is best for the baby and my body. We trust her immensely, if you can't tell!!

Keep your eyes peeled for Monday's blog where we will reveal our induction date and possibly little girl's birthday!!!!!
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