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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Perfect Christmas Card This Year!

I now have the perfect subject for Christmas cards this year...Stella! I joined the "now married" population and assumed the role of Christmas-card sender-outer-after Matt and I got married in '07. Now that we have dogs AND a brand new baby, we must continue the tradition (though, I must say, no dogs have graced our Christmas cards:) and what better way to wish friends and family than sharing a picture of us with our prized possession, Miss Stella at 6 months old!

So I am thrilled to pick out our Shutterfly Christmas cards this year! They've got a wonderful promotion going on for bloggers, so if you're interested in sharing the Shutterfly love in exchange for free Christmas photo cards, check out the promo here. Look at how many options I have to choose from here. There are so many precious options - I know it will be a tough decision! Here are more Christmas card options from Shutterfly here. And lets not forget how fabulous Shutterfly cards have been for us in the past..remember Stella's thank-you cards? We even used Shutterfly's photo cards BEFORE she was born by using one of her sonogram images! I remember saying "well, if we don't have a name yet for our butter bean for her thank you cards, at least they will have include her picture! Hopefully you can see the finished project here... Once Stella was born, we took this picture at 7 days old and replaced her sonogram picture with this one - I hope the links work!! We were so happy with the finished product for her thank you cards and received so many compliments...we've already run out and are ordering more soon!  Thanks, Shutterfly!

We've been faithful Shutterfly users for years now. For our first Christmas together, we used a great card from Shutterfly that pictured us in front of St. Louis Cathedral in NOLA - how apropos, right?? We were commemorating our first Christmas in the Big Easy! To be honest, I don't remember what we used in 08 and 09, but none will compare to this year's card! I am so excited to get started!

Here are the picture options we will choose between for this season's card - one of the whole fam from Candace's wedding:
 or one of Stella by herself looking precious:

 ...I can't wait to get started testing them out in photo card designs at! 

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