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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Stella's April Days

It's been over a month since I last posted and we've been CRAZY busy around here. Currently, it's my birthday yet we are spending it watching Stella like a hawk because our Stella bug has the stomach bug:( Friday morning around 1 am she got violently ill two times so we spent the day hanging low and taking it easy on eating. When she didn't eat or drink much during the day and threw up half her body weight around 5pm, I decided we may need to get some medical attention. I talked with the on call nurse and she said if she refuses to drink or eat anything in the next few hours (or can't keep anything down), to take her to the ER. 9pm rolls around and she gets sick again so we load her up and head to the hospital. Around 2am the doctor sees her and declares that she is not dehydrated yet but has a little bug so we took her advice and took a dose of Zofran and made sure she could keep a bottle of Pedialyte down before heading home. Saturday was fine and Stella stayed on liquids all day (really she only had Pedialyte) with a small bottle of formula at bed time and was fine all night. Sunday morning (today) she took a full bottle and decided to give that bottle right back into Matt's lap:( So we've given her another dose of Zofran and hope she can keep it down, along with more Pedialyte. Keep her in your thoughts - I know this sweet girl does not feel good. Here she is in the hospital trying to sleep.
In other news, she's 10 months old and weighs about 21lbs 8oz. She's lost some weight (probably from this bug) because she weighed 22lbs at 9 months. Yes, she's healthy, she's just not very mobile yet and thus hasn't burned that baby fat off. When she's not sick, she is a happy, healthy relaxed baby. She's eating big girl food so well and giving herself her bottles. We are down to 2 bottles a day and will go to one bottle a day starting in May. She's talking all over the place saying "nanana", "papapa", "mamama", "dadadada", "bababa" and a few other words. She's sitting up like a pro and has started to scoot/creep backwards on her tummy! We are thrilled for this because we have friends who have babies around her age and they are already crawling and some are even walking! I know, I know-don't compare. It's a work in progress:

Things with the house are moving fast. We've made so much progress around here and painting the walls makes a bigger difference than I thought. Here are some before and after shots: (note - all before photos include the sellers' furniture - not ours!)

Living room before
 Stella's nursery before...
 back porch before...
 office/sitting room before...
 living room after
 back porch after (obviously we are still in the midst of construction!)
 Stella's nursery - still needing decor

We've still got lots of work to do, but we are very happy with our blank canvas, our new home! More updates to come!

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