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Thursday, December 3, 2009

12 Weeks, 3 Days - And a Wide Load!!

At 12 weeks, 3 days, we had such a fabulous visit at the doctor today - we got to hear Lil Bow Wow's heartbeat for the first time!!! It was amazing! The nurse walked in, explained what she was going to do with her hand held doppler thing (Matt said it looked like a Tyco toy), and said "Do not freak out if you can't hear the heart beat right away. Sometimes it takes a while for us to find it. It doesn't mean-" and right when the doppler coldly touched my belly, we immediately heard the swish, swish, swish of his or her tiny heartbeat!!! Of course, I laughed and cried at the same time, which was awkward - but Matt's expression was priceless. It was a combination of elation and sheer terror. It was the first time we'd ever heard our baby do anything! Just that morning I was saying that I didn't feel pregnant...I didn't have a big belly yet, I couldn't feel the baby move and I didn't really have any symptoms. Well hearing the heartbeat made all the difference in the world! I sure do feel pregnant now! The sporadic dizzy spells help out with that, too. But I can't complain - if this is the only annoyance I have, I'll have 40 kids if I can!

Now, I'd like to share what a sweet older lady at the Kelly's Kids home office told me - she says "I think you are definitely having a boy because I noticed your behind is getting wider" I'm not 100% convinced that is the baby. It's more likely the Buffalo Ranch Doritos and popcorn I ate in the car on the way home from Natchez yesterday...or it could be the Huddle House I had for lunch today. She is a really sweet lady...!

We have another appointment in 4 weeks (December 30) with my doctor, just another check up. Then we go back 2 weeks later on January 14 to find out if the little lady from work was right about having a boy! What do YOU think we're having!?! Can't wait to hear your predictions!!!


  1. I keep picturing a little caro with a BIG bow on her head running around you in circles...but I think it will be a boy because you don't know what to do with those. :)

  2. gonna need to wait a few more weeks to see if you are carrying high or low. but right now my predicition is a BOY!

  3. How did I miss that you have a blog? So excited to find it. The "behind" thing is too funny. I think people have NO filters in their brains anymore.

  4. Candle, I totally see where you are coming from and I agree! I can see that little bow head now! Cheree...when will you come see me and Lil Bow Wow!!!??? It's been too long. Katie, I guess I forgot to tell you about the blog! But similar to you, everyone wanted updates on the baby so I thought this was the easiest way to go. I'm still learning, but I love blogging!!!

  5. I say a girl! This year was the year for boys...almost everyone I know had a I say this new year is the year for girls! But I also have to see how you are carrying, but since you haven't had too much morning sickness...I think a girl!

  6. oh! what does your gut say...mine was right and I knew from the beginning!!