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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Stella, 5 Months Old and Our 3 Year Anniversary!

As we approach Thanksgiving, we have TONS to be thankful being our sweet, happy 5 month old Stella...

(...don't be fooled by her scowl...this is just too funny of a picture not to share. She cracks me up! She was all smiles 2.2 seconds before this one) and second being our third wedding anniversary!!! We celebrate three years of marriage tomorrow! Happy Anniversary, Love!
In other news, we had a blast trick or treating with Stella for her first Halloween. We joined MC, David and Millie on Algiers Point to trick or treat - Stella was a woopie cushion...and don't worry, she provided the sound effects herself! She got great compliments on her costume!
...and I'll just leave you with this hillarious picture of Stella's Who Dat uniform, courtesy of Aunt MCat and cuz Millie (the onsie, that is) don't have to tell me how ridiculous that headband is, I fully understand...but it was black and gold so I HAD to buy it. She ONLY wears it when we watch the Saints...and when I want a laugh!

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