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Monday, November 8, 2010

Stella Vetos Oatmeal

Stella tried oatmeal this past weekend and we didn't like it....see her reaction on the video below....hilarious! I think we'll stick to rice cereal for now!

FYI here are our stats:
5 months, 1 week on Monday, November 8
15lbs 7oz (November 1)
24 inches long (November 1)
can lay on tummy and lift head and torso to 90 degree angle
can smile and laugh like crazy
can sit up with assistance
can reach and grasp for things like her paci, Sophie Le Giraffe and my hair
eating her weight in rice cereal
still nursing exclusively (yay!)
sleeping through the night most nights - except for the past 2 nights where she's decided to wake up from 3-4am - I look past it, seeing as how she's been sick for 2 weeks!

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