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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

7 Weeks and 4 Days!!!

We've got big plans for this week! We have our first ultrasound this Thursday and hopefully we'll get to hear the heartbeat! I'm pretty nervous, I have to say, but I've been feeling great lately - still no morning sickness *knock on wood! I don't, however, fit into any of my pants...which is highly depressing seeing as how I can't blame the weight gain on Lil Bow Wow (Matt's nickname for baby Devereaux) yet. I am excited about my new purchase, though! Be Band is a brilliant invention! It's a band that goes around your pants in the early stages of pregnancy when you can't button your old pants but are not big enough to get maternity pants! I love it! It's better than the rubberband around the button and hole of my too-small jeans! I tried that this sucked.
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Now this, I'm afraid, is what the belly looks like without the band!
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I have shared our little secret with immediate family and the Natchez girls sans Christine at the Balloon Races and made them all promise to keep quiet - but who knows how quiet they will be! We are still holding out for the heartbeat before going's harder than I thought! I plan on telling my college girls this weekend if we all meet up to watch our friend's performance in NOLA. It's so much better sharing the news face to face!

On another note, I found out my boss's wife is pregnant and due almost exactly when we are - June 4!!! I also know another girl in Natchez who is pregnant and due a few days before me - I hope we can be belly buddies! It's kind of nerve-racking to do this whole pregnancy for the first time alone! You think you know what to expect, but really, you have no idea. Thank God for the book "What to Expect When You're Expecting"! More to come later!

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