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Friday, October 30, 2009

7 Weeks and 2 Days!!

Wow, guys...I feel awful. I mean AWFUL. I am 7 weeks and 2 days today and for the past 3 days I've had the worst lower back aches and nausea/dizzy spells. I hate to complain, because I know all of this is totally worth it, but I got hit with the pregnancy stick REAL fast. Last week I was all "I'm fabulous - not sick at all! How lucky! blah blah blah" and this week, I think Mother Nature has it in for me. Today I worked in bed...literally. I felt so bad I couldn't even sit at my desk so I moved all my gear to the guest bed in my office and have been propped up completing as much work as I possibly can. It ain't easy. Man, do I feel sick...but at least there is a baby in there!
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On the other hand, I am excited to have our next ultrasound in 6 days! I'm also hoping to be off pelvic rest (whatever that means) by then so I can get back to exercising. I miss Pilates! I think that will definitely make me feel better. In other news, the babe is growing up a storm this week. He/she is half an inch long and is growing lips, eyelids, and a tongue this week! It is also starting to move spontaneously through the arms/legs/trunk, though I won't be able to feel it yet. Last week's blood work showed that my hCG levels are rising and multiplying every day as they should, which means the pregnancy is on track and developing nicely! I dont' have to worry about last Tuesday's episode so we've put it behind us! Here's hoping for a relaxing weekend and a quick week next week so we can see baby Devereaux soon!! More to come soon!

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