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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Costa Rica at 31 Weeks Preggo!!

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Well, we made it back from Costa Rica with baby still in utero, so that's exciting! Lots of people were worried I would go into labor in Costa Rica - but thankfully, we had a great trip sans labor! Above you'll see a collage of pictures from our trip - if you click on the little icon below, it will enlarge the image. To see all the images from the trip, you can check out our Google Picasa Web Albums (listed somewhere in the right hand column of this page).

We had a great work trip - the Reps really enjoyed Costa Rica and Matt and I enjoyed being there! We were fussed over by the locals EVERYWHERE we went. We loved it! Costa Ricans are so generous and gracious - they congratulated us and asked all about the baby, which is not something regular American strangers tend to do - probably for fear that they'll ask someone who is not, in fact, expecting. Oopsie:) Anyway, one waiter almost didn't give me my glass of red wine (which my doctor totally allowed) at dinner one night because he said in Costa Rica pregnant women "don't do that", and also proceeded to tell me all the other things pregnant Costa Rican women can't do. So Meg, my boss (who also joined us on the trip with her husband) took up for me and said "That's really interesting, now give her the damn glass of wine!"

I went to the diabetic counselor and my OB-GYN Wednesday and at the counselor's meeting I kind of lost it. I may have skipped a few readings while out of the country, and my new counselor (who doesn't know me from Adam) was just trying to make sure I knew how serious the whole gestational diabetes thing was. I, of course, know how serious it is and have been pretty strict with my diet, so when she said that I kind of felt like a failure - my hormones kicked in and I started baaawwling, which probably made her uncomfortable...but in the end she made me hug her, which made ME uncomfortable. All in all, she said I don't have to get on insulin - thank God - and that I seem to be doing fine, I just need to manage my time a little better and work at not forgetting to take my blood levels on time. Check.

At the OB's office, I participated in my first non-stress test, which went fine, except we realized I'm already having contractions! I thought it was just the baby moving/stretching really hard, but the nurse and the doctor informed me that those stretching feelings across my abdomen are NOT stretching - they are full blown contractions because they occasionally come with moderate discomfort! So now I know I've been having these contractions every day since 30 weeks!

The doctor said that it was fine and the baby's heart beat was fine and I shouldn't be worried, unless I have 6 contractions within 1 hour - if I do, then I need to call her or go to the nearest hospital...OMG! I was anxious, but after hearing her talk about how normal this is and how the baby looks fine, I relaxed. I also feel better now that she has scheduled me to come in every week from now on, instead of every other week, so we can do these non-tests weekly.

Besides all that, I feel good! I am tired so much that I want to go to sleep at 8pm every night, but find that I have too much to do to call it a night that early. I am getting in the uncomfortable stage, in terms of sleeping, but its nothing I can't handle. My ankles and legs are tending to swell more, but that may be because of the heat. If you look in the pictures, I'm all belly, and when I mean "all", I mean it's huge. Matt calls it a torpedo, because sometimes the baby is positioned sideways which makes my belly look pointed. I'm still feeling pretty large and in charge:) Just today our vet told me the OB was wrong and that I was having a boy because 1) I didn't get sick at all in the first trimester and 2) I'm carrying 3 basket balls in my tummy and when I turn around you can't tell I'm pregnant. Boy, for the sake of clothing an nursery decorations, I hope he's not right!

We are so happy that everything is going smoothly but we pray that these contractions do not continue in regular patterns. It's too early for her to meet the world....she's still got about 8 more weeks to brew (though I don't know if I'll feasibly make it that long)!

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