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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Stupid Glucose Screening - Gestational Diabetes we failed the 3 hour glucose screening which means I have gestational diabetes! Boo! I'm still digesting everything since finding out yesterday so I don't know much right now. All I know is that I'm scheduled to see a diabetic counselor this Friday who will put me on a restrictive 2000 calorie diet, show me how to prick myself daily to test my glucose levels and teach me how to journal about my levels so my OB-GYN can review my journal every other week when I go in for my appointments. All in all, I think things right now will be managed by this diet and my daily glucose testing. The baby is fine and as of right now they don't think she has diabetes. Usually, as long as you catch the gestational diabetes around this point and monitor your diet and glucose levels, the baby will go through the rest of the pregnancy and delivery without any problems.

We'd love your prayers that the baby makes it through this unaffected! I'll post more after my appointment with the diabetic counselor!

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