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Friday, April 9, 2010

Gestational Diabetes and 30 Weeks, 4 Days

Here is a picture taken yesterday (Thursday) of me 30 weeks and 3 days pregnant with no-name Girl Devereaux! Yes, she has definitely decided to 'pop' out! Matt jokes that soon we'll have to get a grocery cart to rest my belly on whenever I walk anywhere! Just this week I can tell her movements have changed. She is losing room inside and her movements are much more pronounced and strong, where in the past she's kind of flitted around in there, swimming and flailing about. Now, it's much stronger and you can definitely see her moving through my skin! She's also gotten the hiccups a few times, which feels like twitches in my lower belly.

Many have asked and no, we haven't officially decided on a name yet. We have some choices, but I think I'll have to see her sweet face first! I have gotten over that rotten cold (mostly) but I think the main interference has been the gorgeous blooming foliage on the Northshore! We had a huge storm early yesterday morning which wiped out most of the pollen, thank goodness! All in all, I feel great! My back is only minimally hurting me and my toes look like mini-sausages because my ankles tend to swell, but if I drink tons of water, it doesn't seem to be that bad.

As my last post revealed, I have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes:( Boo, diabetes! Our family has a history of diabetes, and my doctor and the diabetic counselor made sure I understood that I did nothing wrong to get gestational diabetes. (It wasn't the ice cream/cake cravings that did it, Mom!) 5-10% of all pregnant women happen to get gestational diabetes, so my family history of diabetes increase my chances of having it.

I went to my 30 week appointment yesterday where I got to hear baby girls heart beat, which was strong at 154 bpm. She was hiding from the nurse, though, and gave her a hard time at getting a solid reading! Every time she put the doppler to my tummy, the baby would shy away from it! I also got my doctor's approval (and a note, for the pesky airlines who may try to give me a hard time) to travel out of the country next week. We can't wait for Costa Rica! She also let me know that for the next 4 appointments she's got me scheduled for a non-stress test each time I come in, which will more closely monitor the baby's heartbeat due to the gestational diabetes.

My doctor also gave me my glucose meter and today I met with a diabetic counselor at the hospital to learn all there is to know about diabetes, including my new restrictive 2000 calorie diet and how to prick myself 4 times a day to read my blood glucose levels. All in all, gestational diabetes seems more like a time-consuming diet right now. I don't have to be on insulin at this point and if my new diet levels out my glucose levels, they don't think I'll have to do anything else to treat this. So I'm happy right now! It could be worse!!!

The furniture store just called and Lil Bow Wow's crib has arrived! Matt is going to pick it up as we speak, so we know what we'll be doing tonight! Crib construction!!! Yay! Here is a picture of sweet girl's pretty crib.
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We look forward to our Costa Rica trip and our next shower in Natchez at the end of April! Baby girl will be here before we know it!
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